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Hey guys! I'm planning on going on tour this coming summer/fall but need your help! It seems that my fans are pretty scattered around the world and I wanted to extend a mutual offer to make sure I can make this happen... I'm sure you know tours are expensive and rarely profitable for artist with less than 10,000 fans like me.

I want YOU to help me decide which cities I should go to. The cities that contribute the most will be part of my upcoming tour! 

If you can't afford to contribute please spread the word around town!



Hope you guys enjoy the project! I'm excited to work on my next one and play it live for you guys!! LETS BLOW SOME SPEAKERS UP!!!!!!!!! 


Dear Fans,

Sorry I dragged on producing the new EP in the first place. I was dealing with a lot of work and didn't have enough time to dedicate to the music... I give my music out for free because its a form of self expression and my label supports me and believes in my musical future enough to not pull money out of my pockets. This also makes it hard to make enough money to tour. I really took my time with this EP and hope you appreciate it. The more you can contribute to my tour campaign the more time I can take off work to focus on putting out new music. If we do well enough I'm quitting my day job. Can we make this happen!?

PS: Please help me get charted and if you can't contribute anything at least spread the word on Facebook and Twitter! Spreading my music and keeping my fans happy means more than money ever will.

<3 you all,


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Show Are You Doing?

    If I can hit my goal I'll be doing at least 4 different cities.

  • Which cities will you go to?

    The cities that contribute the most will be the ones I go to.

  • Will you travel to Europe?

    Yes - if I am able to reach my goal or if the majority of my contributions are from Europe.

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